Transpac2 Topology

The TransPAC2 network is comprised of an OC-192 SONET circuit between Japan and the US. In addition, the TransPAC2 network collaborates closely with the NII and NICT agencies in Japan, assisting in the procurement of high speed circuits to Hong Kong and Singapore. The diagram below illustrates the circuit topology.

transPAC2 circuit topology

The Japanese side of the circuit lands at the APAN Tokyo XP on a Juniper T640 router. The T640 maintains connections to the rest of the Tokyo XP switched and routed infrastructure. In Los Angeles, the circuit terminates on a TransPAC Juniper T320 router co-located with KDDI-America at 626 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. The T320 maintains a 10GigE connection to the Pacific Wave switch at 1 Wilshire Blvd. It maintains BGP peerings with North American R&E networks across this 10G link. The diagram below illustrates the topology and a portion of the network interconnects available at each location. For a complete listing of available networks, please refer to the APAN and Pacific Wave webpages.

transPAC2 network topology

TransPAC2 LA Rack Topology

TransPAC2 LA Rack topology


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13th January 2009:
Highlights from the US-Pakistan R&E Network Initiative.

30th October 2008:
US-Pakistan International Research and Education Network connecting the Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) to global R&E networks now operational.

17th June 2008:
TransPAC2 Atlas now available.


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