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13th January 2009:
Highlights from the US-Pakistan R&E Network Initiative.

30th October 2008:
US-Pakistan International Research and Education Network connecting the Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) to global R&E networks now operational.

17th June 2008:
TransPAC2 Atlas now available.


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2012 TransPAC2 Workplans

* Applications - 2.0
   [John Hicks]
* Engineering - 8.0
   [Chris Robb]
* IRNC Review - Final
   [Jim Williams]
* Measurement - 9.0
   [John Hicks]
* Security - 8.0
   [John Hicks]

Latest report to the NSF
December 2009

Click here to view TransPAC2 events & presentations.

TransPAC2 Workplans

* Applications [John Hicks] - v2.0 - v1.0
* Engineering [Chris Robb] - v8.0 - v7.0 - v6.0 - v5.0 - v4.0 - v3.0 - v2.0 - v1.1
* IRNC Review [Jim Williams] - vFinal - v3.0 - v2.0 - v1.0
* Measurement [John Hicks] - v9.0 - v8.0 - v7.0 - v6.0 - v5.0 - v4.0 - v3.0 - v2.0 - v1.2
* Security [John Hicks] - v8.0 - v7.0 - v6.0 - v5.0 - v4.0 - v3.1 - v3.0 - v2.0 - v1.2

Past Workplans

International Routing

This whitepaper gives a general overview of traditional IPv4 route selection and the challenges posed by the dynamics of the R&E community. Through a comparison with the commercial world, the authors illustrate the current problem and propose several solutions to mitigate the issues.

International Routing v1.0

Reports to the National Science Foundation

TransPAC2 Annual Report:
Project Year 4
Project Year 3
Project Year 2
Project Year 1

TransPAC2 Quarterly Report:
1-October-2009 to 31-December-2009
1-July-2009 to 30-September-2009
1-April-2009 to 30-June-2009
1-January-2009 to 31-March-2009
1-October-2008 to 31-December-2008
1-July-2008 to 30-September-2008
1-April-2008 to 30-June-2008
1-October-2007 to 31-December-2007
1-July-2007 to 30-September-2007
1-April-2007 to 30-June-2007
1-Jan-2007 to 31-March-2007
1-July-2006 to 30-September-2006
1-April-2006 to 30-June-2006
1-January-2006 to 31-March-2006
1-October-2005 to 31-December-2005
1-July-2005 to 30-September-2005
1-May-2005 to 30-June-2005

TransPAC High Performance International Internet Services (HPIIS) program (ANI-9730201):
TransPAC Final Report 2005

Link to the Pacific Rim Network Planning meeting held in Hawaii in February 2002 can be found here.