TransPAC2 Security

The two security areas that we will address throughout this project are protecting the network infrastructure itself and analyzing the data that transits our network. Protecting the network infrastructure is accomplished by packet filters applied to the control plane of the TransPAC2 router, keeping up to date on the vulnerabilities that effect network components, and monitoring device event logs. Daily analysis of data that transits the TransPAC2 network is accomplished by providing NetFlow data to the Research and Education Networking - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC).

The REN-ISAC is an integral part of higher education's strategy to improve network security through information collection, analysis, dissemination, early warning, and response; specifically designed to support the unique environment and needs of organizations connected to served higher education and research networks, and supports efforts to protect the national cyber infrastructure by participating in the formal U.S. ISAC structure.

TransPAC2 Security efforts

The following items describe actions taken to ensure the security of the network infrastructure itself.

The following items describe activities related to the analysis of data that transits the TransPAC2 network.

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13th January 2009:
Highlights from the US-Pakistan R&E Network Initiative.

30th October 2008:
US-Pakistan International Research and Education Network connecting the Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) to global R&E networks now operational.

17th June 2008:
TransPAC2 Atlas now available.


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2012 TransPAC2 Workplans

* Applications - 2.0
   [John Hicks]
* Engineering - 8.0
   [Chris Robb]
* IRNC Review - Final
   [Jim Williams]
* Measurement - 9.0
   [John Hicks]
* Security - 8.0
   [John Hicks]

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